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WHY IS “2 PADS” BETTER THAN 5G FOR CONNECTING COMMUNITIES AND NEIGHBOURHOODS?    Because 2 pads (of sidewalk) has nothing to do with technology and can be done in every neighbourhood right now.   

SAFE DISTANCING STILL CONNECTING   The idea is simple.      Go out in front of your house and draw a circle or a square or an oval about 3 feet by 6 feet on the street.   You can use sidewalk chalk.  It should go from the curb 6 feet out and then 3-4 feet across and back to the curb.  Then start another safe zone at least 6 feet along the curb from the first one.  The simple way is to look at the sidewalk that is divided by crosslines.   Each “pad” is 4-5 feet long.  If you have 2 pads between each safe zone then you are more than 6 feet apart and yet can talk easily to someone else.

If the neighbour across the street does the same on their side then you can connect while maintaining a safe distance.    Most streets are wider than 18 feet.   If people are going by on the sidewalk (and there are no cars coming) then go to your “outer dimension” (towards the middle of the road) while they pass by.

How many things can you do in your circle, rectangle, square, or oval?   Meet a neighbour for at a specified time, (note in mailboxes, emails, phone calls) with you each in your own spot.  

Okay! How creative can you be?  Coffee and stretches, yoga, sing along?  Any musicians on the block?  Any good jokes?   Anyone need help with something?    How are the seniors on your block?  

You can do at least 3 or 4 safe zones in the width of the average yard.  Then a friend passing by (or a neighbour you haven’t met yet) can join the conversation.

What about apartment buildings and condos?  You can figure it out for each location but a simple guideline is 1 parking spot between people side by side and a car length between you and the person opposite you.   Bring a chair and enjoy.  If you have to get up and down for the occasional car moving, just count it as part of your exercise.

Stay safe and connected.

Brian Gray, Originator Play Beyond Expectations   

A Esquimalt Recreation Centre gym-based program for Young Adults to learn basic sports skills and prove, or improve, their functional capabilities in other areas.   We will re-start when the Centre re-opens.  Check our website for updates.

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