Play Beyond Expectations

"Helping People with Disabilities Make life Better"

invitation to share

Please share your wins, tricks, and questions

I just want to invite people to share how they've overcome their challenges and little tricks that they are doing to keep their independence or get independence.

please share your stories.  just email me as [email protected].    


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Play Beyond Expectations” gives people with disabilities the chance to surpass perceived limitations

by Lane Chevrier.


Play Beyond Expectations is a community activity group that focuses on uncovering the latent strength of people with disabilities while providing physical exercise and socialization. Participants are encouraged to try physical activities such as pickleball and hockey in an…

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By Sandra Dixon

 When I was young about 7 or 8 I felt there were 3 things wrong with me. One, I was a girl. Two, I was a blonde girl. When, girls were thought to be the weaker sex. Blondes were thought to be ditzy, dumb or not all there.

 As I got older I sometimes used I was dumb to my advan…

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WHY IS “2 PADS” BETTER THAN 5G FOR CONNECTING COMMUNITIES AND NEIGHBOURHOODS?    Because 2 pads (of sidewalk) has nothing to do with technology and can be done in every neighbourhood right now.   

SAFE DISTANCING STILL CONNECTING   The idea is simple.      Go out in front of your hous…

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Blowing out the virus germs at home

In my experience, 42 years here in Victoria, BC.,  68 degrees in fresh air feels warmer than 72 degrees in stale air.  Fresh air has more oxygen and moisture and less of everyone’s breath.  Even when the kids were young I would get up before the rest of the family, start the furnace, put on my parka…

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What Is A Disability

           A young Canadian, living in Canada is in his 20`s, comes into the gym, and he has never held hockey stick.
How not included is that? Is it rare? For people with disabilities it is way too common.

Here is what we see:

97% of students with disabilities are never includ…

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