Play Beyond Expectations


M's mother is thrilled that her son was able to participate in Play Beyond Expectations.
She said, "It provides a unique opportunity to learn the skills in a safe and intelligently structured program tailored to each individual's ability and interest."

Since J started coming to Play Beyond Expectations, his flexibility and reflexes improved. He is also better at shooting, and passing a hockey ball or basketball.  
“I am having more fun,” said J.  As we affirm his progress he continually feels better about his abilities.   J isn’t the only one seeing benefits from coming to Play Beyond Expectations.

When M started coming he was afraid of the ball and had no idea how to catch it. “He was afraid to go in the room, had no concept of games, or how to hold a stick, or shoot a ball. 
We started at ground zero.” Now, his understanding of sports has improved as has his abilities to play.