Play Beyond Expectations

"Helping People with Disabilities Make life Better"


By Sandra Dixon

 When I was young about 7 or 8 I felt there were 3 things wrong with me. One, I was a girl. Two, I was a blonde girl. When, girls were thought to be the weaker sex. Blondes were thought to be ditzy, dumb or not all there.

 As I got older I sometimes used I was dumb to my advantage, so the boys would stop bugging me.  Sometimes I hated being a girl because of the monthly thing only girls went through. But the 3rd thing was being a disabled blonde girl.

Being a disabled person was and is the hardest thing to deal with. When I was a teen, I was very shy, I walked around school with my head down and kept to myself.

 February, is Black history month and as I got older, I started thinking about disabled people before me and how hard it must have been for them especially for women of colour. Being a disabled blonde girl was nothing compared to what they went through just because of colour of their skin.

 Yes, I was a girl. Now I am a woman, that gave birth to a child that loves me. Sometimes he doesn’t love me that much. But that’s okay. I was blonde, now I’m going gray. I play dumb or act ditzy sometimes because it’s fun and I love it. I know people that are not blonde that still say and do dumb things.

 Being disabled is still hard, trying to get people to listen to me and take me seriously is still the biggest thing. In my life I have found caring and loving people. Now, I don’t CARE what other people think of me anymore. I am woman and I don’t think you want to hear me roar.

I wrote this mid February 2020.

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